pro ceed
[v. pruh-seed] 
1.  to move or go forward.
2.  to carry on or continue any action or process.
PROceed's essential goal is to help organizations achieve their process improvement initiatives through enhanced operational efficiency. We specialize in business process improvement methodologies and solutions that enable organizations to more efficiently manage their critical business processes. This is accomplished through execution of our proven "Process Integration Methodologies", that is, the linking of key business processes within and across departments, while integrating electronic workflows to an organization’s existing management information systems. Simply put, PROceed "connects the dots" among various business processes, users, applications, and systems thereby streamlining work-in-process. This is achieved by establishing workflows where information is electronically "pushed" to various role players utilizing the four essential "R's" of Workflow Automation: Rules, Roles, Routes and Reports.

Integrating your various business processes across departments, vendors and applications provides freedom from existing operational constraints. Our established process integration methodologies have the potential to fundamentally change, for the better, the way work is performed throughout the enterprise. Our proven workflow solutions can enable an organization to change their work patterns from a manually oriented, paper intensive process (where documents or information is acted upon one person or department at a time) to an efficient electronic workflow process where
information is “pushed” to various process role players for action precisely where
and when it is needed. The impact on the entire organization can be
truly profound.
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