Workflow Automation Solutions - Adaptive BPM Software Suite

BPMS is a process automation tool. It helps organizations map out their critical business processes to identify bottlenecks, control costs, optimize process flow, and ensure the effectiveness of the people involved in those business processes. PROceed's world class Adaptive BPM Software Suite is based on four basic methodologies:
Business Process Management Software (BPMS)
MODELING  -  Map out your process and measure the time and cost needed to execute your process. 
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AUTOMATING  -  Evolve your process from a manual process to an electronic process where data is collected in web forms and easily transferred to/from your existing third-party applications. 
MANAGING  -  Gain insight into your processes, the business data in those processes, and the effectiveness of the process participants. 
OPTIMIZATION  -  Learn how to make your day-to-day business processes more efficient, more cost-wise, and control data entry and application errors. 
pro ceed
[v. pruh-seed] 
1.  to move or go forward.
2.  to carry on or continue any action or process.
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